Welcome to Athiri Santorini

About Athiri

Welcome at Athiri Santorini Family Friendly Hotel

Athiri  is a brand new Hotel in Santorini, offering accommodation and hospitality mainly to families and parents travelling with children. Αthiri can also accommodate small groups or individual travelers.

All of us in Athiri Hotel are dedicated in providing the traditional sense of Greek hospitality and service, especially when it comes to our beloved young visitors-the children !

Being parents ourselves, we can understand the stress and anxiety when travelling abroad and staying in hotels.    

Santorini is world famous and a top leisure destination, very popular to couples and honeymooners. 

There are plenty of nice, boutique hotels, expertized in luxury holidays excluding though children, due to the serene atmosphere of the Caldera mostly and due to lack of children’s’ facilities .

So, what happens to families who wish to visit Santorini?

We have created the Athiri Family Friendly Hotel to offer the availability for family holidays, and also to offer the parents and couples who travel with children some private time, or some time for the couple to explore the island and it’s activities, while their children would stay in a safe environment back at the Hotel, offering activities and child care from well educated, professional child care personnel.

Now, parents can enjoy a romantic dinner, a sailing tour, a wine tasting experience or just even some quality private time, while children would have their own happy hour time from 3 hours to overnight, playing in the hotel premises, being supervised by lovely, specialized and professional staff.

Whether it is for 3 hours or a full overnight, you can relax without any anxiety and stress for your children.

MHTE: 1167K91000961501